Sandor Lubbe

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Sandor Lubbe, born in 1962 in Holland, currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Sandor Lubbe is the founder, and since 2003 Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Zoo Magazine a globally-oriented quarterly style title for women and men, focusing on English and German readers. Zoo Magazine is an international platform that targets photography, art, fashion and everything to do with it, such as music, cinema and interior design and architecture. The intelligent and cutting-edge approach of Zoo sets the magazine apart from the mainstream, highlighting avant-gardist personalities and themes in an extraordinary, eccentric way. New photography talent is nurtured within the concept of Zoo Magazine. Soon to become tomorrow´s stars. Co-published by the following partners, Jose Klap (creative consultant) and rock star Bryan Adams (Zoo keeper).

In 2007 Sandor Lubbe started his career as photographer and in 2009 he had his first solo exhibition in Steltman Galleries Amsterdam.

photograph 2009
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